Creating a Timeless Vignette

Even during one’s busiest weeks, it is still important to enjoy a small moment of decorating, to breathe life and a sense of calm in your home. I did just this, the other day, to the dresser in our dining room. As some of you may already know our lovely blue-painted dresser acts as both a focal point and server in our meals area. It often gets left with clutter from a week full of dinners, and so I finally made the time to clear everything that had been on it, to make way for a more functional and elegant vignette.

Mood lighting

Candles and lamps, are a must in our home as they add a sense of quiet calm, and comfort to a space. So I was on the lookout for the perfect pair of table lamps to marry and illuminate the soft features of our dresser. The ones I selected feature mirrored panels along their stems, and anytime you can add a reflective surface to a space, the more you will add to its dimension and timelessness.


From here we hung our favorite oil painting in the center of the two lampshades. In doing so, it made the piece feel as though it was a part of a greater vignette with its surroundings, and therefore a moment of interest is evoked whenever someone walks into the room.

Something Old

To further accentuate the formalities of the room, I placed our antique silver planter pot filled with dried Gypsophilia in the forefront of the dresser. Their cotton-like buds helped to soften the space.

Something Purposeful

All that remained was the need for some practicality to the dresser. My grandmother’s tea set did the trick! Now whenever it is time to make a warm cuppa, I can enjoy the gentle elegance of my French dresser and its timeless vignette.

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