Intentional Acts For Slow Living In The Home

These days it can easily feel like we are racing towards the final months of the year, and letting the seasons between pass us by. One of the things I love most about homemaking, is that it grounds you. It brings us back to slow, steady practices of nurture and care for the spaces around us. To make these tasks even more enjoyable, I like to practice the following intentional acts:

Light A Candle While You Clean

or cook! This one will come as no surprise, however don’t wait till you have finished cleaning to light that candle! Doing it from the beginning is a great way to bring a sense of calm to your home, and in turn creates a positive experience from this simple act of service. Your sense of smell works wonders to ground you down to a slower pace of movement. Diffusing essential oils is also great alternative, if you find you have sensitivites towards burning candles.

Gather And Dry Foliage From The Garden

Forage from nature the way our ancestors did. Even if all you have is a small patch of herbs, take time out of your day to tend to them, and when it’s time, enjoy the organic act of gathering and drying them out. I love nothing more than following this across all seasons of the year. From drying fresh lavender blooms in Spring, to scattering evergreen branches throughout our home in the cooler months. It is a purposeful way to stay connected to the land, and reap the rewards from mother nature herself.

Begin Every Morning With a Warm Cup Of Ginger Lemon Tea

A personal favourite of mine, I love nothing more than starting my day the way I intend for it to carry on; calm and well paced. I find that when my morning routine is slowed down by the sipping of freshly brewed ginger and warmed lemon water, it forces me to not rush through breakfast and continue on with the hours ahead in a scattered mindset. It’s not just an important practice for your digestion, it’s entirely valuable for your wellbeing if you make time for it. Making a habit out of this simple act, also means that you can be thoughtful about the plans and tasks that lie ahead, and in turn live as mindfully as possible.

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