2 Simple Ways To Soften A Room With Cottage Decor

2 Simple Ways To Soften A Room With Cottage Decor

No matter the layout or furniture you own, you can always add a touch of cottage charm to soften any room. Adding an element of this timeless style draws a sense of comfortability to a space- a humble feeling, like it has always been there. It is a favourite of mine, as it is quite diverse and practical; you can often find cottage inspired decor within your own home or thrift stores.

When it comes to decorating with cottage decor, there are two key, but simple things to keep in mind:

1. Is it Cottage Garden inspired?

One need only look out to nature, to see where the true inspiration for country cottage life comes from. A sea of annuals in bloom, mixed with scents of Lavender and Daphne, will always serve well to ground a space. So when styling corners of your house, try to focus on ways you can bring the outdoors in. Simple ways include fresh cuttings of Roses from the garden during pruning season, or adding a pillow or duvet covered in cornflowers to your bedroom or favourite chair. Be sure to scatter your blooms and blankets/pillows throughout your home, so the feeling is consistently cosy throughout. Arranging your blooms in smaller everyday vessels, such as water pitches or mason jars, are also great ways to accentuate the charm!

2. Is it Cottage Comfort inspired?

Nothing screams cottage living better than the comfort of your grandmothers patchwork blanket, or handsewn quilt. Try to incorporate fabrics in patterns and tones that feel passed down. Family heirlooms that don't necessarily have to be heirlooms, but still mirror the same quality and notion of something homemade. Charity shops will always have a collection of crochet and patchwork blankets in stock, and when these are layered on display in baskets and cabinets, they exude heritage comfort.

So next time you find yourself perusing Etsy or your local thrift store, keep an eye out for country cottage inspired decor, as it might be just what you were needing to soften that dresser or corner in your home!

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