3 Ways To Practice Gratitude In Your Home

3 Ways To Practice Gratitude In Your Home

There is no time like the present to appreciate what you already have. Nowadays we are all caught up in the consumeristic spiral of thinking that we need to buy more, to make our home 'fit in' with the images we are flooded with each day. Naturally, it's human nature to want more, but its even more invaluable to be grateful for the home you've made.

Sometimes I wish I was gifted with the same patience that my husband has for our home. It can be frustrating and almost difficult at times to ignore those outdated areas in your garden or house, but the reality is that it's impossible to have every project finished as soon as we'd like them to be. Even if this were the case, you'd still run the risk of making short decisions that you'd come to regret down the line. So the next time you catch yourself travelling down that negative rabit hole, where you only see the imperfections in your home, try practicing the following three things:

1.Clean Your Space

Though a little obvious, I cannot recommend this enough. Whenever I have had a stressful week or just want to feel more at ease in our home, the first and best thing to do, is clean all the surfaces within. Nothing refreshes a space better than when it is dusted and tended to, and it is also the perfect opportunity for you to stand back and notice all the wonderful additions you have made to your home already.

2. Write An Accomplishment List

For all you list writers out there, stop writing those to-do lists, and start writing your appreciation list! This is a very giving way to recognise all the milestones you have accomplished so far, and puts into perspective what your needs really are compared to just fleeting wants. It's a surefire way to leave you feeling optimistic for the future too.

3.Use And Enjoy Your Home

Emphasis on the enjoy part! There's a reason why you purchased that couch, or you kept that blanket knitted by your grandmother. It's because they all contain a moment of peace or joy that you were drawn to in the first place. Though I know we all possess those hand-me-down pieces of furniture that we'd rather change up in an instant, the benefit is that they gift you with time. Time to save up for and invest in what you really need. A modest reminder that our homes are never quite finished.

We tend to our homes, like we tend to a garden. With slow and constant patience. This is what makes the process of homemaking a pleasure to fulfill, and something we should all strive to live by.

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