A Very Merry Christmas For 2022

A Very Merry Christmas For 2022

This season of giving has come in a flurry, and though we say it every year, we can't help but love the rush of festivities and gatherings that come with Christmas time. For my husband and I as Newlyweds, this year has seen the marrying of traditions from our childhood with new found ones we have created. So with our walls freshly painted, and the rooms within furnished and decorated, there was much to pride to be had in adorning our home with seasonal garlands and bows. All the simple joys of festive trimmings!

Isn't it funny how designing a home can start off completely refined and well planned, but when it comes to the execution of it all, the outlook often transforms itself into something you never expected? Or perhaps that's just because I don't stick to the script all too well?... Regardless, I believe there's something to be said in letting a house reveal itself throughout the design process, and decorating for the holidays is no different!

I'd originally planned to cover my banisters, mantel and tree in only traditional red and green tones, but now through the inspiration of nature and old world charm, I love nothing more than to scatter moments of silk and foliage, quills of spice and dried oranges, among the branches of twinkling lights. I hope you too have shared in this sense of freedom in your festive decorating, and perhaps - just like me - you have also tried your hand at baking, sewing or creating something entirely new for the season? If not, then there is always next year to explore in and celebrate what you cherish most at Christmas.

For now, Happy Holidays dear friends. May you all be safe and merry... I'll see you in the New Year! xx

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