Affordable Farmhouse Decor

Affordable Farmhouse Decor

When I reflect back on the progress of our home, I am always most appreciative of the details that we had a hand in cultivating ourselves. The charm and sense of pride that comes from homemade and harvested moments in a room. Which in turn, is the basis for any Farmhouse inspired space. Objects and oddities that are well lived in, or crafted from natural materials, adding to the air of a rustic, country interior. The best part of all, is that you don't have to blow your budget to achieve this.

Vintage Baskets

From wicker to rattan, baskets have been woven through generations of hands, that have sturdily passed the test of time. They are a fantastic storage vessel for those blankets, books, or children's toys you have lying around, and you can always find them for as little as the cost of loose change in any antique or op shop.

After a recent visit to a favourite antique store of mine over the weekend, I came home with this large, white wash basket, for only $20. A darling carrier that will no doubt, be used in many different ways over the years to come.

Dried And Harvested From The Garden

Anything that comes from the land, particularly your own backyard, is a free and effective way to hone in on the heritage elements of farmhouse living. Drying bunches of foliage or blooms, is a great way to incorporate seasonal decor to a table or shelf that would otherwise be considered plain.

Gathering pine cones or acorns during the autumn months, will not only smell amazing all year long, but also serve purpose in beautifully layered centrepieces for your home. All of which create that fresh Farmhouse feeling without the out of reach price tag!

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