Alpine Autumn Travels

Alpine Autumn Travels

A weekend exploring the autumn laced Victorian high country, is truly a gift in itself. This time around, my husband and I shared our trip in the beautiful company of my brother and his girlfriend, and the four of us basked in the simple pleasures of slow, country living for the weekend.

If you ever find yourself travelling through this region in Australia, be sure to add it to your agenda, as there is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to be found in it's historical landscaping and architecture. Every street is lined in rows of evergreen Cedars, and besides handcrafted picket fences shades the changing colours of vibrant ornamentals.

We particularly enjoyed walks along the fluent creek, where native birds flocked among its water and stone.

No matter where you turn in this high country- down a federation line of store fronts, through a national park, or in the heart of the town square- the rising poplars of the surrounding alpine mountains are by far, the best part of all!

Happy Tuesday friends, hope you have a wonderful week!

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