Baskets, Books and Country Baking

Baskets, Books and Country Baking

Happy Tuesday friends! This week I've been enjoying the modest comforts of baskets, books and country baking. I have always felt most at home in collected spaces. Most relaxed in cosy rooms with mismatched furniture that pair together perfectly, candles that live in glassware, soft ruffles and prints over rattan and antiques. So when it comes to creating a country inspired home, it's less about styling and more about facilitating a loved and lived-in atmosphere through collecting.

Wicker baskets are just one of those essential items you can't pass up! I already own so many, and yet it still doesn't feel like enough (just don't tell my husband). Besides their storage benefits, they make for great displays of seasonal decor. From toile blankets and block print cushions in the summer, to dried floral arrangements to soften the bare days in the winter.

Food is a great way to soothe and exude rustic charm in a home. Since smell is one of our strongest senses, it eases at the heart of our most treasured memories. A cottage pie always serves well on those colder, stormy nights. Paired with the shifting glow of candlelight, home cooked meals are comfort food at its best.

Ah books! Where would our dreams be without them? They are paperback gems for constant inspiration, and though coffee table books can cost a fortune when new, some of my favourite design books were discovered in dusty op shop shelves! After all, what is a country home without the endearing influence of days gone by?...

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