Cosy Fabric Hack To Protect Your Sofa

Cosy Fabric Hack To Protect Your Sofa

Creature comforts are a large part of what makes a house a home. If you're anything like me, there is nothing more therapeutic than curling up on your sofa after a long day's work. So as much as I adore home design, fine textiles, fabrics, and furniture, a house is not a home unless it is lived in.

Our sofa is a lovely ivory linen, that's soft and malleable. It suits the way we use our living room perfectly, however for a while now, it has felt like a blank canvas in the space. That's when I stumbled upon one of my favourite household hacks on Pinterest. I just knew it was exactly what my sofa had been missing...

A coverlet!

Though throws and blankets are traditionally used as an accompaniment to a chair or sofa, a coverlet is a brilliant and simple way to heighten the warmth, protection, and design of your couch.

I chose an embossed white cotton coverlet, that was big enough to be folded over for extra padding, and wasn't too large to create excess folds over the sides of our sofa.

I love the versatility of this simple trick! For one, it has made our sofa even plusher than it already was. It looks beautiful and has created a soft, layered element to the space. It also means that I don't have to fret at all when food, drink, or dirty paws come near, as it is so easy to clean, and keeps our sofa beneath protected.

Most importantly, it is a fluid design hack. It is not anything permanent that we would need to live with. I can interchange different styles and patterns of coverlets over time, and repurpose ones not already used as bed spreads for our upstairs rooms. Sometimes the best design decisions are the ones that move with your ever-changing life.

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