Decorating with Budget-Friendly Foliage

Decorating with Budget-Friendly Foliage

Anyone who walks into my house knows that it is covered with as much foliage as possible! For me, arrangements breathe life and soft charm to a room. They are little bright moments on a gloomy day.

How can I maintain a constant flow of floral arrangements, all year round?

Although I'll never refuse a bunch of seasonal blooms when presented to me, I prefer to set my sights on the following two options when decorating my vases:

1. Dried Blooms

Whether they are purchased from a flower shop, or dried on a rack in a potting shed, dried blooms are a wonderful investment in any space. Their longevity and soft hues will bring a smile to your face, anytime you walk by. The flora I gravitate towards when dried are Gypsophilia, herbs, Hydrangeas, and Lavender.

2. Foraged Foliage

My husband and I are blessed to have a garden filled with trees, shrubs, and all kinds of growing leaves. So when it comes to pruning season, or spring when everything is in abundance, I take cuttings from the garden to add depth and dimension to any arrangments inside. There's a certain delightful wildness this adds to a room too which I love! And if you don't have a garden ready for picking, most public parks and wetlands welcome cuttings to be taken from plants, so long as they are not a protected native species. If you are ever unsure about this, check out the details on your local council's website.

I hope this helps gives inspiration, to know that there are budget-friendly ways to add fresh blooms to your home that can be enjoyed all year round!

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