DIY Cotton Stem Wreath

DIY Cotton Stem Wreath

With December well underway, I hope you are all starting to enjoying the festivities of the season! If you are only just starting to decorate your home for the holidays, or if you are looking for more fun activities to celebrate the season with, than this charming and simple cotton stem wreath is just what you need!

This is a great project that will only take a few moments to complete, and if you are anything like me, you will find yourself curled up in front of the fire with your favourite Christmas movie on in the background. You will only require two kinds of materials and a warm cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee to enjoy throughout the process.

If you don't already have a wreath ring handy, then these rattan wreath rings are a must have! I recommend purchasing them in a set of 3 or more, as once you make one festive wreath, you'll be eager to create more! As for the cotton stems, I used old ones I already had from a previous garland of mine, but you will find them at most craft stores for usually less than $10-15. If you have any fresh foliage handy, that would add a great depth of warmth and scent to your wreath, but for this cotton one, keeping it simple and neutral was the aim.

Feed each stem carefully along and through the rattan spindles of the wreath, until you are happy with the arrangement of the stems. Et Voila! Your darling cotton stem wreath can now be hung up and admired for the weeks to come!

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