DIY Piano Upholstery

DIY Piano Upholstery

It's amazing what a small and simple fabric update can do to a space. We loved our dainty upright piano, the moment we saw it. From its cabriole legs and petite frame, it has such a delicate presence in our home, and absolutely nothing can beat the soft melody from a piano on a sunny afternoon!

The only part of it that needed updating was the stool. It was covered in a weathered and cracked leather that had to be replaced. Though I had plans to originally make a linen-blend slipcover for it, I needed a quick fix for the meantime until I could get around to making one. Replacing the worn leather fabric was the fastest and easiest way of doing so.

Out With The Old!

I began the process by removing the leather fabric itself away from the bench seat, and then I assessed the quality of the seat padding beneath. Thankfully the foam was in great condition and still very firm. However, to be safe, I added two layers of cotton cladding on top, to add some extra comfort.

In With The New

When it came to the decision of what fabric I should cover the stool in, I knew a thick polyester blend was the way to go, as it would be most resistant to wear and stains. I chose a traditional china blue and white pattern, as this too would work cohesively with the rest of the colour tones in my home.

Staple It All Together

Once the fabric was cut to size, I used a handheld staple gun to secure it firmly on the underside of the seat. Be sure to keep your fabric taunt here, and try not to shift out of line any pattern on it while doing so.

I am quite happy with the end result, and though I would still love to make a slipcover for the seat, it is lovely to know that this quick and simple method means it can be enjoyed both practically and visually, for many days to come!

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