Easy DIY Fabric Hanging Ornaments

Easy DIY Fabric Hanging Ornaments

Is there anything more rewarding than being able to repurpose materials in your home, and transform them into something beautiful? This Holiday season I had one goal in mind; to only create festive decor with items I already own, or that come from nature. To be honest, I am loving this challenge! It makes me rethink my creativity for how we dress our home, and furthermore it's an excellent way to practice gratitude for what we already have.


How To Make Hanging Ornaments Out Of Leftover Fabric

This has to be one of the simplest ways to repurpose your old clothes or those rough cuts of fabric you've had lying around. All you need is to create your templates out of paper, for the shapes you'd like to form. I stuck to hearts this time around, but stars and trees are just as wonderful for this time of year!

Be sure to pin your templates down onto both sides of the fabric, so that they don't move when you cut them out. Once you have all your shapes cut and fabric paired, turn the faces of your fabric inside out, so that you can sew along all the edges, leaving an inch or two open on one end, for the fabric to be pulled through, right-side out.

Feed your cotton or polyester stuffing through this pocket opening, and once you are satisfied with the amount filled, simply hand-stitch or sew, the small opening closed.

Now all that's left to do is to attach your hanging ribbon. This final step is the quickest, as all it takes is just a small stitch or two, to fasten your ribbon onto the front face of your ornament so that it's ready to hang and admire all through the Holiday season!

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