Festive Baking And Plaid

Festive Baking And Plaid

Happy Holidays friends! We are well into the depths of the festive season now and as chaotic as this time of year may be, is it not still a joy to see fairy lights strewn across trees, or to follow in those traditions you hold most dear?

On Sunday evening I wrapped our gifts in plaid, and come Monday morning I baked three dozen spiced Speculaas cookies in our favourite wooden moulds. There's something about the scents of cardamon, cinnamon and ginger spice that carry on throughout the home when one bakes that will always bring back memories of Christmas pasts. I found our wooden Speculaas moulds in a dutch baking boutique in our local town, but you can find them on Etsy, and any reputable baking warehouse. Their handmade features are carved in old world charm, making them the perfect gift for friends and neighbours.

As for the wrapping paper, Amazon was my go to this year. I am always on the lookout for large quality wrapping paper rolls, but more specifically, ones that can be used again in the years to come and do not date so easily. Plaid, just like a ticking stripe, will always be in fashion, and it's formal structure and traditional colour palate compliments the delicate undertones of any tree.

So tell me friends, what traditions do you love best this merry time of year?

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