Free And Easy Winter Table Centrepiece

Free And Easy Winter Table Centrepiece

It's hard to keep a house feeling fresh and airy through gloomy Winter days. Between an overworking heater and a roaring fire, my home tends to feel more stuffy and dim. Bringing the outdoors, indoors, is always the best way to ground and breathe life back into a room.

One of my favourite centrepiece hacks is creating a foliage basket made entirely from garden foraged items!

To create this fresh garden scented centrepiece, you need the following three components:

Something To Keep Everything In

A wicker basket, bowl, or tray you have lying around the house will do.

Something To Cover The Base

I used clippings from my winter pruned lavender, however, any sort of foliage will do. Camelia branches are also easy to find blooming throughout winter.

Something To Build Up The Centrepiece

Pine cones and acorns always smell incredible and can be picked straight off the ground in most parks, farms or fields. I also added some green natives that look like berries to add the final pop of colour!

This is such a fun, quick and easy centrepiece hack, that will bring a little moment of joy to an otherwise gloomy space- and it won't cost you a thing!

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