Glimmer of Glass; Decorating the Affordable Way

Glimmer of Glass; Decorating the Affordable Way

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned throughout the process of decorating a home, is that you can never have too much glassware. Versatile in both its function and form, glass is a wonderful way to add ambiance and dimension to a room, and can be a collectors most affordable asset, if you know where to look.



Glass as a Vessel

Before you go tossing out that crystal champagne set your grandmother had locked away in her cupboard, take a moment to see if it can be repurposed as a vessel to hold candlesticks in. Or perhaps her vintage ice bucket would look beautiful on a side table in a living room, with fresh flowers bounding out from the sides?



Searching through antique stores or op shops can be daunting when you don't have much time, or aren't quite sure of what to look for. To avoid the sensory overload that comes from moving through aisles upon aisles of secondhand homewares, you must be prepared. I like to create a mental list of the top three items I am on the hunt for on that particular visit, so that I am scanning each shelf briefly for them, rather then glancing aimlessly at everything they have to offer. I have included a list here of the kinds of glassware I look out for when thrifting, which you may find handy:

Vintage Mason/Kilner/Fowler Jars

Glass Hurricanes

Anything Crystal (Particularly candlestick holders)

Glass Domes/Cloches

Mosser Milk Glass (If you are a fan, these are a rare treat to find!)

Glass Trinket Dishes

Glass Cake Stands



Glass as a Useful Accent Piece

If you are anything like me, then you'll know there's nothing more comforting then a good meal by candlelight. I like to have a glass dome or two handy in these situations, especially when entertaining, as they not only look beautiful when they reflect the glimmer of candlelight throughout a room- but they are invaluable when it comes to extinguishing the flame in a hurricane lamp, stopping the smoke from circulating. Domes are further beneficial in containing those oils you love so much in your scented candles, enabling the fragrance to last longer.

All of the glassware in my home has either been handed down through family, or collected through many a venture into antique stores. They have made the process of decorating that much more enjoyable and supportive of the financial constraints that come with owning a home.

So next time you find yourself thrifting for a bargain, be sure to look out for vintage glassware. It could just be the next treasure you've been waiting for!


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