How To Add Old World Charm To A New Build

How To Add Old World Charm To A New Build

It's been a long two years of constant renovations in our home, and my favourite thing to do is add small moments of old world charm wherever possible. From hardware to furnishings, we are always trying to strike the perfect balance between the old and the new. To achieve this, we like to keep the following two things in mind when updating a space:

Traditional Pattern and Form

What lines and patterns does the overall structure of the room form? Is is straight-edged, and minimally modern? If so, then you may need to add the sort of custom craftsmanship details that existed in homes from centuries ago. However, this does not have to be a costly addition! A simple chair rail can be constructed and painted out of moulded timber strips from your local hardware store- cut to size. We used the very same timber strips to finish the edging of our homemade fireplace surrounds, and it has become a timeless feature to our living room.

Adding stair caps to flat edged stair posts, is also a great way to achieve a heritage style. We ordered our solid pine caps online from a local woodworker, and all up the cost was less than $50.

Don't forget to focus on your doors too! French doors usually come with a hefty price tag, but not if you keep your eyes peeled on Marketplace or your local home salvage site. People are often throwing out solid hardwood doors to make way for the new. So if you have the patience to do a bit of sanding and refinishing, you can easily attain the desired historic look for less.

Antique Accents

As the saying goes, it's the little details that go a long way! So taking time on the smaller accents in your home, is equally as important, if not more, than the overarching design of a build.

There's something enchanting that we all associate with old locks and handles. The mystery that comes with what's hiding in a locked cabinet or room…

Our hardware consists of turned glass knobs, that replicate the antique style of days gone by. These handles compliment well the country chic style of our sourced antique furniture. So spend as much time in op shops and antique stores as possible, and the inspiration for a heritage home will come to you organically.

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