How To Brighten A Room Without White Paint

How To Brighten A Room Without White Paint

There is a large misconception out there that white paint is the only way to brighten a room. This could not be more false! What matters most when selecting a paint colour, is its LRV.

What is LRV?

It is the Light Reflective Value of paint colour. It refers to how well the light bounces off the hues and tones in the colour blend. An LRV of 65 and over is best when aiming to brighten a room or space.

For our home, we chose Dulux's Sand Diamond in Quarter Strength, which has a light reflective value of 89. This means that from the morning to the evening, our walls are always reflecting light. The mood is consistently soft and fresh, and draws your eyes up.

Although we did use white paint for our trim, it is more of a complimentary counterpart which highlights the soft buttery tones of our walls. So whether it be a cool sage or grey, or a warm red clay, don't be afraid to try the colour you've had your eye on based on the fear of it darkening your room.

Paint swatches will always indicate what LRV levels the colours you like consist of, so you will have a guide with you along every step of your way. Once you realise you have more options than just a white canvas to work with, the design choices are endless! And much more enjoyable!

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