How To Create A Vision Flat-Lay For Your Home

How To Create A Vision Flat-Lay For Your Home

Do you create vision boards?

I'll be the first to say that besides saving inspirational photos on Pinterest, I have never really have sat down to piece together the elements of design through a mood board. Most of my design process plays out visually in my head, just like my writing. I can see it first before I plan out the steps needed to get me there. Only this new year, my approach has been different. I'm not working with the bare bones of a house anymore. Rather, a space that is lived in, with furniture, fabrics and decor that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to building up the collected feel of a home. This is essence, is what lead me to create a Vision Flat-Lay.

It's simple, really! A vision flat-lay forces you to step away from all the white noise of the digital world - which let's be honest, causes confusion and frustration when what you see isn't realistic or obtainable - and instead, channels your attention into what you already have. It encourages you to walk through your home and select a handful of items that you adore, bringing them together to spark an image of where you'd like your space to grow to.

Take my vision flat-lay for instance. I have gathered my love for block prints and traditional fabrics, as they add soft, textural comforts to my home. Then I added some ribbon - my favourite, budget-friendly design pal - dried lavender - a reminder to always add an element of nature - antique china, and most importantly, my antique locket which includes a personal favourite motivational quote, from Robert Frost. Now I have an understanding on what style I want to continue following in, and what pieces I want to invest in slowly, overtime.

This simple process, of gathering some of your most treasured pieces in, brings gratitude for what you already own. It evokes a clear sense of direction for your homes overall design and feel.

Oh and did I mention, it's a great bit of fun to break up an otherwise typical day!

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