How To Decorate With French Country Charm

How To Decorate With French Country Charm

Warm, soft moments of elegance are at the core of French Country Charm. This style evokes feelings of calm and nostalgia, from a well collected home, alongside the flare of something altogether romantic and chic. Decorating with this design in mind, is not as complicated as it sounds. It certainly doesn't have to be a costly venture either. By keeping an eye out for the following items of decor- if they aren't already in your home- you can tailor a tastefully layered French inspired space with that touch of country charm!

Utilise Reflective Surfaces

From mirrors to silverware, crystal and glassware, reflective surfaces are a delicate way of bringing a sense of formality to a space, without being overbearing. They create moments of lucid lightness, that compliment any dark timbers nearby. These reflective surfaces are also a fantastic way of emphasising the gentle ambiance of lamp or candlelights.

Add A Touch Of History

What turns a house into a home is striking that perfect balance between the old and the new. When it comes to country or farmhouse style homes, the heritage nature of the furniture and objects within is equally, if not more important, than the new updates that have been made to the space. Oak stained antique chairs, thrifted picture frames, or any salvaged piece from the past does wonders in grounding a room. The more rustic and weathered the better!

Focus On Traditional Patterns And Fabrics

From linens to ticking stripes, the form of your soft furnishings and decor should feel as though it has always belonged in the home. Honing in on the idea that these items have been handcrafted and handed down, through the generations. So steer towards timeless reds and blues, toile and monogramed patterns. These do wonders in binding together anything new, with the traditions of the past.

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