Making A Lavender Gift Basket

Making A Lavender Gift Basket

When I look out into our garden, I am warmed by the sight of purple delicate blooms popping up among the green leaves of our Lavender. I adore this season! The garden looks fresh and alive, and smells so much more fragrant when you walk by.



Lavender is just one those plants that holds so much diversity in what you can do with it. The first year we planted it throughout our rose garden bed, I dried the buds and stuffed them in hand sewn satchels for our linen closets and drawers. The second year, I tried my hand at Lavender sugar (I can attest it was heavenly). This year, with all the other projects we have planned for our garden, I take delight in simply making cuttings from time to time for our home, and watching the remaining blooms simply sit and grow in our yard.



Bunches of fresh Lavender make some of the most thoughtful gifts! To cheer up a neighbour of mine, I decided to put together a sweet gift basket for them, filled with our Spring Harvest Collection Notepad and Magnet set, beside the loveliest bunch of Lavender of course!





Drop a comment below if you'd be interested in seeing gift baskets like this, featured on the shop.



Happy Friday Friends xx

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