My 3 Favourite Vessels For Floral Arrangements

My 3 Favourite Vessels For Floral Arrangements

Who doesn't love a wild and fresh bouquet of blooms? It's not everyday that we get to decorate our homes with fresh flowers, however when the opportunity arises, it's nice to make the most of these pops of colour and life in your home. The most important lesson I have learned along the way, is to always add variation to the way you display your arrangements. Here are my three favourite vessels to hold a bunch of flowers in, and create a collected, organic feel in the home.


Pewter or Zinc

Whether it's an English pewter tankard, or a French zinc watering jug, these pieces are incredibly affordable and easy to source at most antique stores, or even online, from sites such as Etsy. Though you can purchase new replicas of them, nothing beats the charm, character and authenticity of an original antique.

A fresh or dried arrangement contrasts beautifully with these kinds of muted and galvanised metals, and they ground the space in the very sense that they have always existed for the purpose of carrying and displaying, ones country cottage, floral clippings.



Always a must-have, and generally a glass vase is something we all have, or have been gifted and handed down, over the years. Again, glass vases, hurricanes and flutes are housed in most op shops or thrift stores, and the more you collect different shapes, heights and etchings of glassware, the more magnificent your collection will look when it is staggered over a table with blooms and candles, for an evening dinner with friends. The lightness of glass is what also makes it a suitable decorating option for most- if not all- styles of home design.


Wicker Baskets

One of my personal loves is anything rattan or wicker, particularly when it has lived and been cared for over the decades! Picnic baskets are a wonderful way to flourish the elegance of your lilacs, hydrangeas or other cottage garden clippings. Just be sure to fit them in a smaller glass jar with water beneath, so it keeps your flowers fresh whilst being concealable outside of the basket.

Wicker is an even greater way to display your dried arrangements all year round. I can't tell you how many visitors of our home adore how our dried lavender and gypsum looks, suspended out among the woven plaids of an antique basket.


So next time you find yourself passing a local antique store or op shop, I urge you to stop and look for something old but cared for, as it may just be the next wonderful way for you to display your favourite floral arrangement.

Have a great week friends! xx

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