One Tray, Styled Three Ways

One Tray, Styled Three Ways

The fluid design of a tray means that you can keep it for a lifetime, and watch it change seasonally in your home. It can hop from room to room, storing and displaying some of your most collected treasures. Here's just an example of how a simple, medium sized rattan weave tray, can be used purposefully in three different settings:

1. For Serving

A dining room always needs cups and sauces, linens and cutlery close at hand. Layering your serving-ware on a tray above a buffet or commode, is a great way to have not only easy access to these necessary items, but to soften and add a homely feel to an otherwise formal space. Rolling up your table cloths, folding those napkins from your grandmother and lighting a candle, adds timeless charm- all in the space of a tidy tray.

2. For Storage

If you're anything like me, you have made, collected and inherited lots of blankets and comforters over the years, and are sorely lacking in space to keep them all! Well why not put them on show in a tray? It's a lovely way to add pattern and texture to a space, and paired with a lamp, your blankets will always be in easy reach on those cold, dark evenings!

3. For Display

Whether it's in a bedroom or on a set of shelves, a tray can contain all your photographs and collected treasures! It creates a focal point in the room, and adds interest for guests passing by. By gathering your decor in odd numbers, such as threes, it will also brings balance to your tray, and means that when Winter turns to Spring, you can swap out your dried stems for some fresh cottage blooms!

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