Quick Sew Cottage Comforter

Quick Sew Cottage Comforter

Does anyone else feel like this year is just slipping by? We are nearing the end of winter here in Australia, and though I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring, I know that with the change in seasons, comes trans-seasonal weather. What we Melbournians like to refer to as our four seasons in one day. This is what inspired me to turn the leftover fabric from my DIY Piano Stool Upholstery, into a cosy, lightweight comforter for the months ahead.

Step 1: Cut and Measure

The beauty of a comforter is that you can really tailor it to any size you like. The one I made fits perfectly over ones lap when they are curled up on a sofa or chair. If you are after one that is warmer for the colder months, then simply follow the scale of a double or queen sized coverlet.

From here, all you need to do is pair together your cladding with your fabric, in order to cut and measure all pieces together. I used two layers of a cotton cladding for this, however bamboo is an excellent, breathable and hypoallergenic alternative too. I also like to cut my cladding just shy of the edges of the fabric, as it will sit neater within once the border has been sewn.

Step 2: Prepare for Sewing

It is important to make sure you pair the right facing sides of your two fabric pieces together, before you sew. Here, simply pin together all your edges, using them as a marking for where the needle and thread will run along. I secured my pins about 2cm in from the outer edges of the fabric.

Sew all your edges together, but be sure to leave a small pocket on the shorter, centre edge of your fabric, as this is what allows you to pull the fabric through, turning it the right way out, and fill the inside with cladding.

Step 3: Stitch It All Together

Once your cladding is firmly in place, you want to tuck in the open section of your comforter, so that you can do a border stitch, along all four edges. This will secure your opening edge in place, as well as stop your cladding from moving within. At this stage, you can add some fun decorative, diamond stitches across the comforter for extra character and texture, or simply leave it as is if you prefer a clean look.

This project took me about an hour all up, from start to finish to complete, and I am in no way a professional when it comes to sewing! Drop a comment below if you give this a try, or have any handy tips for comforters you have already made. They add such a charming, cottage feel to any room, and are wonderful family heirlooms to pass down to generations to come!

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