Simple Shelf Styling

Simple Shelf Styling

I have been playing around lately with the idea that a shelf doesn't need to have every book and story out on display. Being a writer myself, I have amassed more paperbacks than I could ever put on show, and this is what has directed me to take a minimal approach to bookshelf decor.

From this, I am now able to feel the ease of rotating my favourite book covers and items whenever I feel like the space needs a refresh. A seasonal cycle of sorts, which enables me to enjoy all the things I have collected over the years. To keep the balance of this simple design, I try to keep the following items on a constant rotation:

Something Living

Plants breathe life into a space. So whether it be a potted fern, or native stems in an ironstone pitcher (as shown below), plants do wonders in refreshing an otherwise dusty and cluttered row of shelves.

Something Personal and Collected

Photographs of family and friends are always a great way to ground a room. They create a visual interest that draws you in. So make sure to display them in different sized frames; this will create a well layered dimension to the space. If you are also an avid collector or miniatures, sea glass, or whatever you please, make sure to put them out on show too! Gathering similar, collected items together in a glass bowl, tray or vase will help to simplify the chaos that may otherwise happen if you had them scattered all over the place.

Something Old

Perhaps the most important feature of all, a bookshelf should always feel like the harbour of histories passed down from generation to generation. Be sure to include those gold stained and beautifully weathered antique books you have been finding over the years, in op shops and bookstores, on your shelf. After all, even the simplest of bookshelf designs should still entice you to peruse the stories within!

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