Sneak Peak To Christmas: All things Traditional And Mercury

Sneak Peak To Christmas: All things Traditional And Mercury

Now that it's officially November, it's a great time to start planning ahead for your holiday home decor. As many of you have already guessed, nothing pulls at my heart strings more than a traditional Christmas. From evergreen garlands lit above toasty fireplaces, to berry plaid linens, there's a timeless sentiment to these traditions of the past. So, if it's a traditional Christmas house you're after, let's begin with two simple, but necessary items for the home:


Poinsettia Picks

Whether they be red and green, navy or gold, poinsettia picks are a very versatile part of festive decor. They look marvellous tucked between thistle branches on a Christmas tree! They keep cosy alongside a freshly scented garland, or placed over a mantle or shelf beside a candle. The more the better! They tend to cost anywhere between the range of $5-$15 each, depending on the size and the make, but will last years if stored well.


Mercury Ornaments

The charm of Christmas lives in the warm glow of reflecting lights. Anything mercury is a fantastic way to achieve this! Similar to silver or an antique speckled mirror, mercury brings with it the elegant presence of something old and loved, in someplace new. These ornaments will often run on the more expensive scale, however they soon become family heirlooms that can be passed down and cherished by generations to come.


Follow along with me in the coming weeks, as I transform my home into a traditional festive space, just in time for Christmas!

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