The Dimming of an Autumn Day, Home Tour

The Dimming of an Autumn Day, Home Tour

With winter just around the corner here in Australia, it's nice to bask in whatever crisp, auburn glows remain from a perfect Autumn day.



One of my favourite features in our home, is how the primary colour of our walls soften daily. From a warm butter in the morning during sunrise, they soon shift to an almost pale eggshell by the dimming of the day.



My husband and I painted our home, from the ceilings down to our doors, and one feature which I really wanted to incorporate throughout the majority of our house, was the cosiness of softer walls against a fresh white trim. I am so glad we were not afraid to go with a yellow based paint in our house, as it is now one of our favourite features, and shows you can easily brighten a room without white paint.



Our living room was one of the last spaces we ever expected would be finished. We knew that we needed a fireplace and mantel to anchor our otherwise irregular-shaped room, but it was only when the generosity of my father (who is a cabinet maker by trade) stepped in, that we were able to fulfil this dream.

From our collected antiques, to the slipcovered armchairs around the fire, to the piano by the window where our family loves to play, it has quickly become one of our most beloved spaces.



Our dining room, as many of you know, is still a work in progress. However I can't deny that it has most definitely come a long way from its pink walls and tiled floor origins.


Though I am eager to complete and install wallpaper above our DIY chair rail, add a sissal rug beneath our table, and furnish our windows, I adore the progress this room has made already. Afterall, the joy of decorating comes from the journey one takes in discovering rare gems along the way. And yes, Marketplace is a wonderful way to source those antique treasures!



As with any journey, there are still more goals and dreams to come. Our kitchen is something we would love to upgrade in time when funds allow. While our garden is a constant source of change and enjoyment through the different seasons, as we plant and nurture more of the kinds of flora and produce that serves to both the purpose and beauty of a growing home.

Drop a comment below friends if you have ever renovated an older home before, and the trials and treasures that you may have discovered along the way xx

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