The Simple Trick To Hanging Plates On A Wall

The Simple Trick To Hanging Plates On A Wall

Are you- like me- wanting add an element of traditional design to your home? A timeless feature to a wall that otherwise was lacking in charm, but you would rather not deal with the costs that come with collecting expensive art? A plate wall is just what you need! Hanging plates is a long standing tradition in all walks of home styles, from French Country, to Cottage Core, New England Colonial and more! This past week I finally got around to adding this character feature to our dining room, and it only cost $20! So here's my go to breakdown for hanging plates on a wall, the easy way...

Gather Your Collected Plates

There are no rules with this one! Simply select the plates you love the most, that will serve the purpose of adding either colour, dimension, or a soft feature to your wall. The plates that I put up are a part of a vintage collection handed down from my grandmother, so my only cost was investing in good quality plate hooks. However, if you don't already own a collection of plates you'd like to display, any Op shop, antique store, or even Etsy will sell them for cheap, and you don't need the plates to match. In fact, mixing patterns and tones of colours that you like, will make the display appear even more collected and layered overtime.

Organise Your Plate Arrangement

Depending on the scale of your chosen plates, and the amount you wish to hang, it is important to firstly organise the placement of each plate. If you have a large number of plates to hang, or are unsure of how to arrange them, it is best to print out photos of your plates (to scale if possible), and temporarily stick them to your wall. This gives you time to see how you like the order and placement of your plates, and whether any changes need to be made. However, if you are only hanging five or few, having someone hold them in place for you is a quick way to determine where your hooks should go.

Purchase Plate Hooks And Decorate

If you are in Australia, Bunnings has the Everhang Range of plate hooks, which is what I used to securely fasten and hang the plates on my walls. However if you are from the States, or overseas, you can find similiar sets of these kind of hangers from Amazon, which also include wall hooks. If you do not wish to see the hanging clasps of the hooks, then Spotlight sells the Safe N Sure Invisible Plate Hanger Disc, which can also be found on Amazon and Ebay too. This style of hanger sticks securely to the back of the plate, hanging hidden from behind, and easily comes off later in warm water.

Once you have your hooks, simply hang them in your already arranged positions, step back and enjoy! This is such an affordable and simple way to add character and charm to a room, and once you set up your first plate wall, I can guarantee you'll only want to keep adding more!

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