Thinking Small When Decorating

Thinking Small When Decorating

One of the greatest lessons I've come to learn with interior design is to think small. Focus on the little details, the little moments in a room that grows to collectively gather a space.

I've been paying a lot of attention to my living room of late. It's where we spend most of our nights. The place I love to write in, with the fire blazing and tea nearby. This room, much like many of the rooms in our house, has to be cosy before anything else. An embrace that softly pulls you in, to rest, relax and curl calmly upon. It's no wonder that every design decision I've made has been centred around this notion. The notion of when entering a room, you should not be lost in its empty vastness. Your eye should not be drawn to its scale, but rather the collective moments within that compliment a feeling of ease.

How is this achieved?

Gather over time small pieces and patterns of furniture, fabric, and art. Focus more on the idea of multiple seating spaces for comfort, such as armchairs and settees, instead of just one large sectional sofa.

In our living room, I have scattered striped slipcover chairs alongside our neutral linen sofa. Besides these, I have placed small antique coffee and side tables. Small footstools and dressers are tucked into the corners of the room. Upon them, are vases of flowers, both dried and fresh, and lots of framed photos always! It is your home after all; don't ever forget to personalise it with memories you cherish.

Where art is concerned, make your collection a cluster of old and new pieces that vary in size. You want your walls to be a subtle reflection of your interests. A companion to the pieces you have decorated below. And don't be afraid to hang them at different heights too! This will only add to the warmth and dimension of the room.

By thinking small you can watch your visions grow in a more achievable and inviting light.

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