Thrifting For Antique Christmas Decor

Thrifting For Antique Christmas Decor

As we welcome December in the coming days, it's important to reflect back on the years that have been and all that remains. Decorating with festive items that have been passed down through the generations, is a very grounding way to bring in more of that holiday spirit. Here are my six recommendations to keep an eye out for, next time you go thrifting:

Traditional Christmas/Folk Stories

Antique books not only look amazing and are a treasure to read, but they are often easier to source in any good vintage store or op shop. I got my hands on a copy of Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' several years back, and it has since become tradition for it to make an appearance and be read every Christmas Eve since.

Festive Sheet Music

Whether framed or sitting humbly on the family piano, sheet music is a wonderful thing to incorporate in your home this year. It sparks joy when played for loved ones to hear, and is often decorated with ornate, heritage inspired artwork. If you can't find sheet music that is specific to Christmas, then why not create a charming bunting from regular sheet music for your tree or garland instead?


Thrifting is the most affordable way to amass a collection of satin or velvet, linen or frayed ribbon cuttings. Any colour or material will do, depending on the style you are decorating your house with. Is there anything more endearing than ribbon hanging in soft curls off the branches of your tree or swag?


Perfect for hanging on wreaths and garlands, bells are a rhythmic reminder of the church and sleigh sounds that we each group up with. They also make great bowl fillers for your table or mantle top!

Mercury, Silver or Brass

Need I say more? If any of these materials catch your eye, not matter what form they take, they are foundational to the make up of most Christmas decor. Even if your style is non-traditional, adding an element of metal or reflectiveness is a great way to balance your space.

Candles and Ornaments

I have often come across many an unused festive candle set or rustic ornament that is too darling to pass up! Mixing the old with the new adds warmth and hospitality in our favourite season of giving.

Happy Thrifting Friends!

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