Welcoming Our Spring Collection In The Garden

Welcoming Our Spring Collection In The Garden

There's something to be said about the bristles of new grass that curl around your feet as you walk across a lawn, sinking softly into the earth. There's beauty to be seen in the light that reflects off of rock and soil, budding blooms and all that is evergreen. Nature grounds us. Spring brings hope. So needless to say, what better way is there to showcase our Spring Harvest Collection than to enjoy it in the company of our own backyard...



It was a dewy day when I took these photos. It had rained all night, but thankfully we were blessed with a day full of sun so the ground was no longer wet, but the foliage all around was richly hydrated and glowing.



The great thing about our pillow covers, is that they are super hardy! They are made from a very thick, 100% Organic Cotton weave. So the threads do not pull or catch easily, the colour is more resistant to fading and if you do happen to accidentally stain them, all you need is a damp white cloth to dab it out. 




Though I won't be leaving the pillows out in the elements (Melbourne is known for its wild, windy and rainy Spring days after all), I relish in the thought that come any sunny or dry day, we will be able to use and enjoy the comforts of these cushions, as they sit beautifully against our growing garden-scape. 



I'll have to be better prepared for the next outdoor shoot, and bring with me a picnic blanket and nibbles!



Autumn may have my heart, but Spring is a season to behold! It breathes new life in all of us, and it will always get me giddy for those warmer days to come. Those longer nights spent out in the balmy air under the stars, and for more photoshoots of our upcoming collections, playfully enjoyed in the great outdoors. 



Happy Weekend my friends!

I hope you enjoy whatever season of change is coming your way...



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