Welcoming The Year With A Fresh, Country Palette

Welcoming The Year With A Fresh, Country Palette

It's summertime here in Melbourne, and there are flints of new life in the air. We have packed up our holiday decor and the house feels clean, open, nearing empty and eager for a clear take on the months to come. I love nothing more than a fresh start, do you?

Lately I've been falling for a simple, country palette. Hues of earth and garden combined with pieces of old. Antiques, weathered and worn through the generations. Gathered together by a table, on a wall, or in a living space with purpose and character to be enjoyed, with windows wide open.

My husband and I have already begun our house projects for 2023. We have fixed and fastened our last french door in the kitchen, and carefully added trim moulding to our dining room. In the coming months, we hope to hone in on the completion of these tasks, with the aid of paint and wallpaper, and those final touches of furniture and decor -collected over time- all in the spirit of a fresh, country palette!

Tell me friends, what are your visions for the New Year?

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