Winter Warming Living Room Tips

Winter Warming Living Room Tips

My focus for this winter, was to enhance the comfortability of our living room. It's the space we retreat to every night, with the fire blazing, to unwind after a hard days work. It's also the room we host friends and family in, so functionality is equally as important.

Furnish With Lots Of Seating

Everyone who enters your home should have a chair to kick back in and a side table to rest their drinks onto. A living room is communal, so the focus needs to be more on the conversations to be had, and less about the latest Netflix show to be watched (although I would be lying if I said that my husband and I didn't enjoy the occasional TV binge!).

Decorate With Layers

Colour, texture and pattern are key to adding soft layers of comfort to a home. They are what affords a sense of ease when people walk into a room. It's what invites them to stay.

I like to drape small bedspreads over armchairs, and stuff baskets full of blankets, as a visual reminder that a couch nap is always welcome in our home!

Make The Space Your Own

Layers of plaid, floral block prints and soft stripes are what add dimension to our living room. Paired together with linens and soft cottons, photographs and collected artwork, the space has now become a reflection of us, the people who live inside. So don't be afraid to add in those charming decor pieces or family heirlooms just because they may not be what is 'on trend'. Remember, a timeless space is one that defies and outlasts any passing trends.

Incorporate The Senses

Since the weather is still fresh in the mornings and chilly throughout the evenings, our mantle is currently decorated with dried and fresh, foraged natives which harbor a crisp citrus scent, while our fire warms below. Fresh foliage and essential oils in diffusers, are just one great way to calm the mind both visually and mentally. So go ahead and light that candle you've been too weary of burning, you want your space to feel relaxing after all!

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