A Weekend of Lavender, Lakes and Falling Leaves

A Weekend of Lavender, Lakes and Falling Leaves

Is there anything more charming than a trip up alpine roads, through to historic country towns in Autumn? Absolutely not! Since the temperatures have dropped in the evenings, and our daylight hours are closing thin, we are making the most of the cosy elements of this transitional season.

I love Autumn for many reasons, the most obvious being that I'm a comfort body at heart, so any chance I get to curl up with a book in front of a fireplace, I'm there! It's also the season of my birthday and wedding anniversary. So my husband and I marked the occasion with a journey up to the very spot where we exchanged our vows, a year ago, in Daylesford and Hepburn, Victoria.

Auburn hues covered the lakes during sunrise and sunset on our daily walks. We would wake to flocks of ducks stretching out over the lawns and shrubs.
We reminisced over memeories of our wedding day, on the grounds and aisle where our ceremony took place.
If you are ever in this part of the world, you must visit the Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm. They house homemade jams, rustic woodfire pizza, and rows and rows of the most incredibly scented lavender.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, where we travel to another one of our favourite Autumn destations that is not to be missed!

Where is your favourite place to travel to in the fall months friends?

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