Coastal Grandmother Inspired Decor

Coastal Grandmother Inspired Decor

Light and breezy spaces with soul. This is the essence of the coastal grandmother style that is having a resurgence at the moment. This layered design focuses on encourporating the old with the new, in a cosy, well balanced manner. It is a timeless approach to decorating, and can be achieved in very simple ways...


Antique Furniture

Whether it be a soft pine chest of drawers, or an accent armchair that has been passed down, antique furniture in a well lit room, adds character and a sense of refinement. It relaxes the space in the same way that it also brings an element of elegance through the craftsmanship of days long gone.


Vintage Art

Thrifted paintings and lithographs, especially when the theme is nautical or minimal, will always add a tasteful moment of interest to a wall or shelf. When styling with vintage artwork, be sure that it works in harmony with the other items of decor you have on display nearby. Earthy wood tones and colours are the key to bringing out your coastal grandmother flair!


Heritage Patterns

Soft linens and stripes are just some of the many warm and inviting ways, to add dimension to your furniture or window dressings. The lightness of the fabric you choose, and the subtle repetition of a block print, will elevate an otherwise plain area to something with a sense of collectiveness and heritage.

So if you are drawn to the calm and collected nature of the coastal grandmother style, be sure to add your own spin on how you decorate it within!

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