Decorating for Autumn

Decorating for Autumn

Lately, we've come to appreciate the harmonious changes that are happening outside in the garden. From the browning of the oak tree leaves, to the altogether cool and crisp wafting airs against the warm light of sunny days. Nothing gets me more excited than preparing for Autumn- the most heavenly season for change - and that includes how I decorate our home. So to bask in the season of crimson, falling leaves, I like to ensure that our house is scattered abundantly in two essential ways:

Cosy Textures

As the days grow shorter, the temperatures outside drop. Autumn is a great time to pattern mix different textiles, layered in baskets and draped any over occasional furniture in the home. They add depth to a space, and evoke a sense of calm from the changes of nature outside. For me this is also the perfect time to bring out those antique patchwork comforters you have kept hidden in linen closets all summer long. After all, nothing says comfort best than a thick knit blanket on a soft chair, by a warm fire.

Warm Earthy Hues

The great thing about the colder seasons, is that you can really practice affordable home decorating solutions. One of my favourites ways to do so is through layering dried floral arrangements and natural objects from the garden, among vases, baskets, table and mantel tops. You will find that as chestnuts begin to be sold off in carts along alpine roads, so too will large, hessian bags of acorns and pine cones! Better yet, they are free to collect from most large parks. As for floral arrangements, try focusing on bunches of lavender, lilacs, hydrangeas and baby's breath (Gypsum). They all hold up beautifully for months on end when dried, and shade a space with wonderful, warming hues!

If you haven't decorated your home seasonally before then I challenge you to try so this Autumn, and promise that it will leave you feeling a greater sense of connection and appreciation to nature.

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