Summer House Tour 2023

Summer House Tour 2023

January has been a whirlwind of a month! My husband Anthony and I are just starting to feel as though we are getting back on our feet and ready to enjoy the year ahead. Though we love the chaos of the holidays- days of celebrations with loved ones, late nights, summer trifles and sandy evenings on the beach- we crave the peace and calm of home to settle us back into our normal routine. Do you thrive well out of a routine?

My focus this summer is to simply freshen up our home, using what we already have. This gets us back into a healthy financial rhythm, all the while appreciating our home for what it is.

On any sunny day, spring cleaning is a must! The air feels altogether different in a home when a warm breeze has been passing through. Changing over linens and blankets for natural materials, brings a sense of lightness to any living space and bedroom.

Rearranging our dried and fresh blooms on different surfaces of the house, also adds textural interest and life, all the while balancing out the steadfast character of those larger, more dominant, antique pieces.

Hanging garden sheers and wicker hats on hooks, evokes an element of country cottage charm. A peaceful reminder to us all, of the connection between nature and home in the summertime.

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