Every home has a story. Every home is a reflection of the beauty that lives within. The story of Bridge and Harvest Home started long ago with a dream. A dream to make exclusive and affordable, timeless designs, for all parts of the home. 

From cushion covers to gift wrapping, down to the smallest of practical home essentials, everyone has the right to find joy, and most importantly, love the space they are in. 

When my husband and I began the process of renovating our home a number of years back, I struggled to source good quality products, patterns and materials that I could decorate with cohesively, and of course, affordably. A beautifully collected home takes time to create, but it shouldn't take forever, nor should it be a source of stress in your life. 

Thus, the dream of Bridge and Harvest Home began. The dream to create seasonal collections that can be used daily, mixed and matched often, and loved always.

Bridge and Harvest Home is also a gathering space, and includes a blog for all things recipes and lifestyle. A growing exploration of all things that make a home cosy and assembled through time. A space for linen, pattern and leaps of faith.

My dream is that every Bridge and Harvest Home product leaves you thinking, this feels like home…


All our products are Australian Made


Did you know that every Bridge and Harvest Home product is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Australia? Our store is not only proud of the fact that we are supporting other Australian small businesses just like our own, but grateful to offer such high quality products that are made lovingly on our shores.


A Mission to Make Every Home Beautiful, While Caring for the Planet


All our packaging is 100% recycled, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We hope that by purchasing any one of our products, that it becomes a loved staple in your home, to last for years and years.



Thank you for stopping by dear friends.



Founder and Owner of Bridge and Harvest Home